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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dark Floral Kimono

Another popular fashion trend has emerged that can't be ignored... Kimonos! I first noticed the rising popularity of kimonos when I kept seeing this Zara one on bloggers everywhere. I, myself actually love the look and colors of this one, but that price tag was not something I could get on board with. Especially for a piece that I may not love or even wear in a couple months. Luckily, fast fashion never lets you down and retailers everywhere have supplied so many variations of kimonos that there's sure to be one that you like at a price that's reasonable for you.

I was gifted this pretty dark floral kimono for my birthday and I'm already imagining the many different ways I can wear this. I'm already picturing it as a swim cover-up! I chose to wear it this day with a simple tank, white shorts, and sandals. I wanted the kimono to be the statement piece, as it should be! I love that this one is short, but longer in the back. I think I want a floor length kimono like the Zara one and then after that I'm set with this trend. That's the thing with trends you have to know when enough is enough for you and your wardrobe. However,  whatever length, print, or material your kimono may be, it's sure to give you the perfect casual/ casual chic look.

I've already linked that covet-worthy Zara kimono above, but if you want some more kimono inspiration I've linked some more at the bottom of this post!

Look at these pretty kimonos!

Let me know if you're giving kimonos a whirl in the comment section below! Have a great week!

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