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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blue Jeans & Button-Ups

How much blue can you wear in one outfit? The answer is easy. You start with your favorite pair of blue jeans. Mine happen to be this pair with the fringe on the hem. Then, you grab a blue striped  button-up shirt for a casual chic look. That's not enough blue yet! So, then you grab your favorite blue purse from Coach because you realize you've been neglecting it for other bags. Then, that is how you quickly realize you've gone blue and you totally love it!

One of the easiest outfit combos to wear, at least for me, is always the blue jeans and button-up look. Jeans are always going to be a closet staple until the end of time. I'm loving the new and reintroduced styles for jeans such as fringe, embroidered, and step hems. Button-ups are also a staple because of their versatilty. I've always loved them for the ability to wear them from work to the weekend. That's why putting this outfit together was a no brainer. Blue jeans and button-ups pair so well together.

I finished this classic combo with some fun accessories. Big sunglasses because I'm obssessed with them and I have to have a pair with me at all times. My favorite gold tassel earrings that I don't wear enough. I wanted tassel earrings for the longest and got these from H&M last year. They are just perfect. Another thing that I was obsessed with last year and still am are these lace-up flats. Anything lace-up catches my eye. I'm going to wear these forever because they are so easily stylish.

Oh! Can't forget the half-tuck of my button-up. It makes you effortlessly cool and stylish in my opinion.

What's your favorite classic combo to wear? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below!

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