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Friday, February 17, 2017

Why Chokers Are Here To Stay

I think the title gave away what I have to say, but I will repeat myself. Choker necklaces are here to stay. Last year saw the  reemergence of chokers everywhere. They were spotted on runways, bloggers, and almost every retail store. I will admit when I first saw them pop up I didn't understand why  chokers were making a comeback. Since I am a 90s child, all I could picture were the stretchy tattoo ones. But, they have improved in a major way. There are tons of new styles at various price points. There's sure to be one (or a ton!) that you like. I've built my own little collection of chokers that I can't seem to stop adding to.
Here are the chokers that I own so far. The first one is from my mom's personal jewelry box. When the trend first emerged I told her I wanted a choker and she told me she had one! I was so excited when she gave me this beaded beauty. The second one is from Forever 21 and that is a perfect place to pick out a choker if you don't have one already. They have tons and I'm not exaggerating!. The last three were found at Tjmaxx. I picked up the third one because I love the crystals on it and it was different than the first two. The last two were Christmas gifts from my sister. She knew what to get me because the obsession is real! I love how different and  unique they are.

There are so many different variations of chokers now that there is sure to be one to fit everyones style. From the preppy to the edgy, I believe that chokers are a great addition to any outfit. You are sure to spot chokers on me in my outfit posts on this blog!

Because I love chokers so much I wanted to leave you with some more chokers that are charming and covetable! 

 (1) Forever 21   (2) Alexis Bittar  (3) Forever 21 

Hope you'll give chokers a chance if you haven't already!

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