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Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Day Picks That Are Swoon- Worthy

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. For some that either illicits a feeling of excitement or dread. Personally, I just always choose to keep a positive outlook on this day. Whether you are single or have a significant other, it's a day where you should spread a little more love than you already do to those around you. So, here are some items (links attached)  that I thought would make perfect Valentine's Day gifts for yourself, mom, friend, or whomever!
 Loren Stewart Mini Heart Safety Pin Earrings

These safety pin heart earrings are too pretty to resist. They'll be perfect to wear any day besides V-day as well.

Adolescent Clothing Valentines Tee
   This t-shirt is sarcastically sweet and sure to send a message this Valentine's Day. 

F21 Heart Graphic Sweatshirt
What better way to show someone you love them than right on your shirt! It can't be missed.

Dior Technologic Sunglasses
These sunglasses are Red Hot like the candy!  The sun never looked so good. 
kate spade new york Be Mine Heart Small Alexya Handbag

Kate Spade Be Mine Heart Handbag    

      This bag is literal "heart eyes" 
Image of ABOUT FACE DESIGNS Stop Calling Me Cosmetic Pouch
About Face Designs Cosmetic Pouch
  Being pretty takes time. Let a girl finish her makeup with this cute cosmetic bag!

Target Kiss Me Coffee Mug
Coffee is always welcome and maybe you'll be able to sneak a kiss!

This baby is a charm and the box it comes in will give automatic smiles!

Hope something caught your eye and you got some good ideas! Remember flowers, cards, and candy always work pretty well too! xoxo


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