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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Real Techniques and e.l.f.

Guess where I got these two products from? I was browsing the aisles at one of my favorite stores, T.J. Maxx, when I came across these Real Techniques brushes and this serum by e.l.f. I  am a loyal shopper at T.J. Maxx and this is the first I've ever came across these brands here, so I was super excited.

Let's talk about the Real Techniques Starter Brush Set first. This starter set comes with five brushes that can be used for a complete eye look. There is a deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, fine liner brush, and a brow brush. The brushes come in a panoramic case that can be used as a stand. My first impression of these brushes is that I really love how soft they are. They feel so nice and fluffy. I love the color of these brushes because purple happens to be one of my favorite colors. After using the brushes, my favorite brushes are definitely the crease brush and the fine liner brush. The fine liner brush gives me a perfect line when using my gel eyeliner. These brushes are pretty amazing and I see what the hype is. This is my first time using any brushes from Real Techniques and I definitely want to try some more.

Next, we have the e.l.f Soothing Serum. The box didn't list what the Soothing Serum is all about so I'm the kind of person that Google's away while I'm in the store. The Soothing Serum is supposed to lock in moisture to reveal healthy glowing skin. That sounded like a product I needed! Then I looked at the ingredients and I noticed it was made of quality ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin e, shea butter, and grape seed oil. Those are all things that are great for your skin! On first use,  I loved how lightweight it is, it really sinks into the skin. I haven't used it long enough to know how beneficial it will be in my skincare routine, but I like how it hasn't irritated my skin and I wake up with hydrated skin. It's perfect for day and night use.

Real Techniques Starter Set    e.l.f. Soothing Serum

If you want to try these products I suggest heading to your local T.J. Maxx to see if they have them. I have linked where you can purchase them online if you want. So far I'm really happy with these two products!

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