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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fashion Freedom

Do you have an item in your closet that you love, but you never seem to wear it as much as you should? That is my predicament with this statement- making fuzzy jacket. I can think on the top of my head the amount of times I have worn this particular jacket. The thing is that I truly do love this particular piece but sometimes I'm hesitant at pulling it out. Why? Because it's big, fuzzy, and screams look at me! However, what I'm constantly learning and telling myself is, if you love it, wear it. It's as simple as that. Fashion and personal style has no rules, only the ones we place on ourselves. So here's to more outfits with this piece that I truly do love and practicing fashion freedom.

 I paired the statement jacket with a playful Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse? Everything about this look is fun with the addition of sequin Converse and the aforementioned fuzzy jacket! I would wear this again and again. In the end, I didn't care what people thought because I knew I loved my outfit.

 Next time you look in your closet and hesitate on a particular item, I hope you wear it and OWN it! This outfit is proof of what happens when you just go for it!

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